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  • Only 25 kg in weight
  • 2.20 m x 1.40 m lying platform
  • Small packing size of only 1 m x 1m x 15 cm
  • Assembly & installation by only one person possible
  • Suitable for 99% of all vehicle types (cars, vans, caravans, etc.)
  • Assembly time of only 10 minutes
  • 12 V compressor pump & telescopic ladder included in scope of delivery
  • 2 ways of mounting the tent
  • Awarded with the "Outdoor Industry Award 2018"


Lightweight with minimum packing size

The GT ROOF is the world's first inflatable roof top tent with a weight of only 25 kg and a packing size of 100 x 100 x 15 cm. It is easy to handle and about two thirds lighter than equivalent competitors' products. It is therefore also suitable for vehicles with low roof loads.

Ideal for 2 people

The GT ROOF is based on a 220 cm x 140 cm lying platform made of drop stitch material. The tent room with an interior height of approx. 130 cm offers enough space for at least 2 persons and a child.

Two mounting options

With its square, 100 x 100 cm aluminium frame, the roof top tent offers two mounting options: over the rear or over the side of the vehicle. Assembly and disassembly can be carried out easily and conveniently by just one person. The GT ROOF is connected to the roof racks of the vehicle via a sturdy, square aluminium frame using the assembly set supplied.

Optionally, the GT ROOF can also be set up on the ground. For this purpose, only the height level of the mounting frame to the edges of the lying platform at the front and rear has to be compensated, e.g. with wooden slats.

Quick and uncomplicated tent assembly

The GT ROOF can be fully assembled within 10 minutes with the 12 V compressor supplied. In addition to the lying platform as a base, 2 additional tube systems must be inflated.

Pleasant indoor climate

The tent material consists of a high-quality and breathable polycotton fabric. At the back of the tent there is a closable window made of window film, at the sides there are two closable window openings with mosquito nets for ventilation.

Weatherproof due to robust materials

The GT ROOF is waterproof, wind and storm resistant. The polyester-cotton blend fabric used for the tent fabric prevents condensation due to its breathability. It also is low-noise and UV-stable. As an extended heat or weather protection, the supplied outer cover with darkened window films can be stretched over the entire tent area.

The inflatable lying platform made of resistant Drop Stitch material provides a stable base on the car roof. The tent tube system has a tube-in-tube system and it is interchangeable.

Optional awning

An optional awning made of polycotton material with two windows and ventilation system is additionally available.

Groundbreaking outdoor innovation

With the GT ROOF GentleTent introduced the new category "inflatable roof top tents" to the camping market. Hard-shell & folding roof top tents now have company. In 2018 it was awarded the Outdoor Industry Award for significant innovations in the outdoor industry.

gt roof mix collage

gt roof mix collage 2

Technical Data

Number of Persons

Blue/Grey, Olive/Grey

Tent Fabric: Polycotton, Outer Tubes: Double Ripstop PES, Lying Platform: Drop-Stitch, Alu, Inner Tube: TPU, PES, PVC tarpaulin

GT ROOF: 25 kg, Telescopic Ladder: 6 kg

Lying Surface: 220 cm x 140 cm, External Dimensions: 330 cm x 150 cm, Interior High: 130cm

Package Size (L x B x H)
100 cm x 100 cm x 15 cm

Scope of Delivery
GT ROOF, Outer Cover, Mounting Set, Telescopic Ladder, GT SUP Electric Pump 12V, Guy Wires, Tent Pegs, Repair Set, GT Double Action Hand Pump


Instructions & Videos

Video of the assembly and construction of the GT ROOF

This is how the GT ROOF is built.

Video of dismantling the GT Roof

This is how the GT ROOF is dismantled.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections you find answers to the frequently asked questions about „ INFLATABLE ROOF TOP TENTS“. If you don’t find the answer to your question, just contact us per email!

  • Q1: How much pressure does the roof top tent need?

    A1: The base of the roof top tent made of Drop-Stitch requires a pressure of 7 to 8 PSI (0.6 to 0.8 Bar). The ideal air pressure in the air tube tent system is between 2 to 3 PSI (0.2 to 0.3 Bar).

  • Q2: Is the roof top tent suitable for winter use?

    A2: The materials used make the roof top tent suitable for winter use. The included outer cover increases the heat and weather protection.
    It is recommended to remove it at regular intervals in case of snowfall. The breathable material, which transports moisture from the inside of the tent to the outside, has proven to be very positive in winter. However, the tent interior must be expected to cool down in very cold temperatures. Heating is possible.

  • Q3: Do I need a mattress or is it integrated in the tent?

    A3: There is no mattress integrated in the tent. The Drop-Stitch roof top tent base is very hard due to the required stability and the use of an additional camping mat is explicitly recommended. GentleTent offers a suitable inflatable solution with the GT Mattress.

  • Q4: Can sleeping bags, blankets, camping mats remain in the roof top tent when it is packed?

    A4: The roof top tent must be empty when dismantling so that the sleeping platform can be folded properly. There is a small space under the protective tarpaulin to store camping mats or blankets additionally. To have this space available, the roof top tent must be well ventilated when packing.
    Additionally, the answer depends on the volume of the blankets, sleeping bags and camping mats.

  • Q5: Is there an awning for the roof top tent?

    A5: There is an awning for the roof top tent, which can be ordered as an additional accessory. This is mounted in the entrance area with a zip fastener.

  • Q6: How is the roof top tent mounted on the vehicle roof?

    A6: The roof top tent has an aluminium frame on the underside, which is mounted to the roof racks of the vehicle at four points using the universal mounting set.
    This means that in order to mount a roof top tent, you will need roof bars attached on the roof of your vehicle.

  • Q7: How does GentleTent's paid rooftop tent installation service work?

    A7: GentleTent offers a assembly service for rooftop tents against payment. For the installation of the GT Roof, GT Roof Mini, GT Roof Maxi and GT Pick Up models we charge 40 € each, for the GT Sky Loft 60 €. If additional assembly work is necessary on the carrier system of your vehicle, this will be charged individually according to the time and material required. Please contact us (via email: office@gentletent.com or by phone +436643941078) to find the best possible solution for you.

  • Q8: What about condensation on the roof top tent?

    A8: The tent fabric used for the roof tent is a polyester-cotton blend (= polycotton). This prevents condensation due to its breathability. It also helps to prevent water condensation by providing good ventilation inside the tent.
    Furthermore, the roof top tent can be made double-walled by using the outer cover included in the scope of delivery. In extreme weather situations the outer cover provides rear ventilation and maintains the breathability of the inner polycotton material.

  • Q9: What does the permissible roof load mean?

    A9: The permissible (dynamic) roof load indicates how much weight the vehicle roof may be loaded without endangering road safety while driving. The sum of the roof tent, roof rack and other loads must not exceed the permissible roof load. More information can be found in the blog post: Permissible roof load: What you need to know.

  • Q10: Does the roof top tent have an anti-theft device?

    A10: No, we do not offer theft protection.

  • Q11: Can the air system of the roof top tent be repaired?

    A11: The tent system has a "tube-in-tube system", similar to a bicycle tube. The protective sheathing is made of robust Double Ripstop PES material with the TPU tube inside.
    The inner tube can be pulled out through service openings, repaired with tape or replaced.
    If the lying platform is damaged, it can be glued with commercially available special adhesive and the repair patches supplied.
    Due to its robustness, however, damage is extremely unlikely.

  • Q12: Where is the ladder stowed or is it included in the packing size?

    A12: The telescopic ladder is folded and is included in the packing size. However, we recommend transporting the ladder in the boot, especially for tall vehicles, so that it is available immediately for assembly.

  • Q13: What is included in the 25 kg total weight?

    A13: The entire, pre-packaged roof top tent weighs 25 kg without the telescopic ladder. The telescopic ladder weighs 6 kg.

  • Q14: Is the GT ROOF mountable on all roof racks? What do I have to consider with the mounting set?

    A14: The GT ROOF can be mounted on all standard roof racks with a width of up to 8.5 cm using our universal mounting set.
    If the attachment of the roof top tent collides with the attachment of the roof racks, we offer additional inner rails as accessories to reduce the mounting width (GT ROOF additional rail).

    Special, technical inquiries can be sent by e-mail to support@gentletent.com.

  • Q15: As a tall person (<1.95 m) do I have enough space?

    A15: The lying platform is 220 cm long, i.e. even tall people have enough space, the interior height is 130 cm.

  • Q16: GT ROOF in combination with certain vehicles: experiences

    A16:This list makes no claim to completeness. These experiences were collected and solved from questions and feedback from our customers. We would be pleased to receive further information on specific vehicle types by e-mail to office@gentletent.com.

    SUZUKI JIMNY: Dachlast
    Der aktuelle Suzuki Jimny ist unseres Wissens das Fahrzeug mit der geringsten erlaubten Dachlast mit 30 kg am Markt. Das Gewicht vom Dachzelt GT ROOF ohne Teleskopleiter liegt bei 25 kg. Je nach Gewicht der Dachträger kann das GT ROOF ohne zusätzliche Zuladung montiert werden oder eben nicht.

    SKODA YETI mit Originaldachträger, Befestigung:
    Beim Skoda Yeti mit den Originaldachträgern von Skoda überschneiden sich die Befestigungspunkte von GT ROOF und Dachträgern. -> Für die Montage ist die GT ROOF Zusatzschiene nötig oder alternative Dachträger

    SEAT IBIZA mit Originaldachträger: Befestigung
    Beim Seat Ibiza mit den Originaldachträgern von Seat überschneiden sich die Befestigungspunkte von GT ROOF und Dachträgern. Für die Montage ist die GT ROOF Zusatzschiene nötig oder alternative Dachträger

  • Q17: How does the assembly and disassembly work?

    1. Remove protective tarpaulin
    2. Open the belt buckles and unfold the lying platform
    3. Close valves and connect air pump
    4. Inflate lying platform
    5. Inflate Airtent
    6. Connect telescopic ladder and brace it if necessary
    With the pump included in the scope of delivery, the installation takes about 10 minutes.
    With a little practice, dismantling is just as fast and works in reverse order.

Highlights & Advantages



GentleTent is the inventor, worldwide pioneer and only manufacturer of fully inflatable roof top tents



With the GentleTent roof top tents, the tent base as well as the tent at the vehicle roof are both inflatable.



We work exclusively with high-quality premium outdoor materials.



GentleTent roof top tents are about 2/3 lighter than comparable competitive products..



We offer both: maximum freedom of movement and easy transport and storage thanks to compact dimensions.



A suitable pump for quick assembly is included in the scope of delivery.