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Our mission: Make camping easier

We’re not just tents developers, we’re innovative outdoor-creationists. It is our goal to make camping as simple as possible. GentleTent stands for low weight and a small packing size, as well as quality, sustainability and durability.

Easiest use

GentleTents are inflatable camping tents, awnings and furniture – all without tent poles. Easiest set-up and dismantling. Connect the air pump and you’re done.

Revolutionary design

The GentleTent technology allows for a completely new form. New design, new room concepts, new features.

Perfect interior climate

GentleTents breathe in any weather. Perfect interior climate. This makes the difference.

Sustainable production

We plan and develop in Vienna. Production follows in controlled conditions in Hungary and Far East.

Durable and robust

GentleTent products are highly durable and made for long-lasting use. Lasting breathable fabric, high UV resistance, incredibly water- and windproof.

The auto-extension

Almost all of our GentleTents can be attached to vehicles. New solutions for caravans, trailers, vans, cars or motorcycles.



GT Roof: Outdoor Industry Award 2018 Winner

We are more than happy! Our roof top tent GT Roof is Outdoor Industry Award 2018 Winner. More than 250 competitors beat our roof tent and got honored as important innovation in the outdoor sector. We got the award on the 17. June during the…
GT Home 310: Innenansicht

The air pressure of the GentleTent Products

GentleTent products are specially known for their unique and particular air constructions. These constructions are the reason for the exclusive look and comfortable form of the inflatable camping tents, awnings, the roof top tent and…
Die Ventile der GentleTent Produkte | Erklärung

The valves for our GentleTent products | Explanation

Two types of valves are used for our GentleTent or B-Turtle products: Push-Push-Valves and Push-Turn-Valves. For both types a valve adapter is needed! The adapter is included in shipping and recognizable by its grey-red colour. Since the valves…