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  • Ideal for e-bike campers: cargo trailer with integrated, inflatable camping tent
  • Only 29 kg thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction
  • Drop Stitch reclining platform with enough space for 2 people
  • Built-in transport trailer with 120 liter capacity
  • Assembly and disassembly in a few minutes
  • Awning with headroom
  • Weber coupling for easy connection to the e-bike
  • UV-resistant and weatherproof

    B Turtle: Cycling with comfort: revolutionary microcaravan for e-bikes

    Multifunctional bike trailer with dual transport and camping function

    The B TURTLE is a multifunctional bike trailer that for the first time seamlessly combines transport and camping functions. In camping mode, it offers comfortable space for 2 adults, in everyday use it can be used as a cargo trailer. The micro-caravan is connected to the E-bike with a Weber coupling. While driving in "turtle mode" the packed tent is on the transport trailer, which provides enough storage space for your luggage and other transport items.

    Compact and lightweight - with only 29 kg the B Turtle is significantly lighter than comparable solutions

    Thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, the B Turtle together with the tent only weighs a modest 29 kg. When the tent structure is dismantled, the 110 x 79 x 58 cm large bike trailer can also be used in everyday life as a cargo trailer for shopping trips or general transport.

    Independent and comfortable - camping and cycling tours for 2 persons

    The B Turtle stands for a completely new freedom of travel with memorable experiences in nature without sacrificing comfort. Traveling by e-bike and micro-caravan means maximum independence: in camping mode, the tent with a stable 210 x 130 cm large lying surface made of drop stitch, offers space for 2 people without direct ground contact. While sleeping, you are 73 cm above the ground. The awning, with standing height, creates additional space for or a sleeping place for a pet travelling with you. The 120-liter transport trailer inside the tent area provides sufficient storage space for luggage and camping equipment.

    Breathable & robust

    The tent material consists of high-quality and breathable cotton-blended fabric. At the back of the tent there is a closable window made of window film. On the sides, there are two closable window openings with mosquito nets for ventilation.

    Storm-proof and weatherproof

    The B Turtle is waterproof, wind and storm resistant. The polyester-cotton blend used for the tent fabric prevents condensation through its breathability while remaining low-noise despite the wind. It is also UV-stable. As extended heat and weather protection, the outer cover supplied can be stretched over the entire tent area with darkened window films. The tent tube construction has an exchangeable tube-in-tube system.

    CO2-neutral travel

    With the B TURTLE you do something good for both your own health and the environment by contributing to CO2-free travel.

    B TURTLE Collage

    B TURTLE Collage 2

    Technical Details

    Number of Persons

    Blue/Grey, Olive/Grey

    Tent Fabric: Polycotton, Outer Tubes: Double Ripstop PES, Lying Platform: Drop-Stitch, Alu, Inner Tube: TPU, PES, PVC tarpaulin

    29 kg

    Bike Trailer: 110 cm x 79 cm x 58 cm, Lying Surface: 210 cm x 130 cm, Interior Hight: 130 cm - 220 cm , External Dimensions: 320 cm x 130 cm x 200 cm

    Packing Size (L x B x H)
    Tent: 105 cm x 79 cm x 15 cm

    Scope of Delivery
    B Turtle , Outer Cover, Weber Coupling, GT Double Action Hand Pump, Tent Pegs, Guy Wires, Repair Set

    Instructions & Videos

    Video on how to build the B TURTLE

    This is how the B TURTLE is built.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q1: What are the components of the B TURTLE?

      1x aluminium wheel pendant (length: 110cm, width: 79 cm, height: 58 cm)
      1x drawbar with Weber coupling
      1x transport tub in the belly of the bike trailer with a capacity of around 120 litres (length: 104 cm, width: 45 cm, height: 26 cm) whose contents are protected by a waterproof PVC bag and can be completely closed with a zipper
      1x camping tent incl. couch platform, which rests on the bicycle trailer and is connected to it with Velcro straps (packing size in turtle mode - length: 105 cm, width: 79 cm, height: 15cm)
      2x aluminium support struts to stabilize the inflated lying platform

    • Q2:What is the difference between Turtle mode and Camping mode?

      Turtle mode: B TURTLE (packed) as transport trailer
      In Turtle mode, the B TURTLE acts as a conventional cargo trailer. With a width of 79 cm, the B TURTLE can easily be used on cycle paths as well as on the road. The tent lies on top, while the transport tray underneath provides enough space for luggage or other goods. In everyday life, the B TURTLE can be used as a transport trailer for shopping or excursions with the tent removed.
      Camping-Modus: B TURTLE als Micro-Wohnwagen zum Campen
      In camping mode, the B TURTLE offers a sleeping area for two people and a vestibule with standing room. The sleeping platform, which unfolds above the trailer, is made of robust Drop Stitch material. It has an area of 130 cm x 210 cm and is 73 cm above the ground.

    • Q3: What is the maximum load of the Belt in camping mode?

      A3: In camping mode the B TURTLE has a load capacity of up to 200 kg.

    • Q4: What is the maximum load that can be carried in the transport container?

      A4: The transport container can be loaded with up to 80kg.

    • Q5: What is the air pressure at which the B TURTLE is inflated?

      A5:We recommend an air pressure of between 6 and 8 PSI for the lying platform. If you put strong pressure with your thumb on the platform, it should only give in a few millimetres.
      The tent tube system should be inflated with a pressure of 2 - 3 PSI. The air pressure can easily be checked by hand: If the tube feels bulging and tight, you can stop the air supply. By flicking the air hose, you will hear a bright sound. If you pump too much air into the tube, the pressure relief valve also opens.

    • Q6: What are the characteristics of the awning and does it have a tent floor?

      A6: The 110 cm x 130 cm x 200 cm awning is permanently connected to the sleeping tent, is completely closable and has a fully rollable door and a closable window opening with mosquito net. It also has a tent floor with 10 cm tub height. The awning with standing height can be used as extended living space, as a room for dogs travelling with you, as a changing room or as storage space for camping equipment.

    • Q7: Do I need a mattress?

      A7: Yes, we recommend the use of a mattress. The lying platform is relatively hard. GentleTent offers the GT Mattress a suitable, inflatable camping mat.

    • Q8: Is the supplied hand pump sufficient to inflate the B TURTLE?

      A8: Yes, the B TURTLE can be fully inflated in a few minutes with our supplied double stroke hand pump. The whole setup into camping mode takes about 15 minutes.

    • Q9: Is there a way to test or rent the B TURTLE before buying?

      A9: Yes, there is. You can rent the B TURTLE either directly from the manufacturer in Vienna (Vienna test tours / weekend tours) or through one of the many rental stations of the international rental network BT Voyage (https://ebikecamping.com/) and test it on one of the many attractive bike routes or tours. The community website ebikecamping.com was created for this purpose. This acts as a central platform for finding the right rental station and the right route or simply for exchanging information among those interested in camping, e-bike and cycling.

      GentleTent & B-Turtle rental station in Vienna:
      Khleslplatz 8, 1120 Vienna
      Bookings by mail to e.rachinger@gentletent.com, Tel.: +43 660 454720

      On weekdays between 13:00-17:00 & return between 09:00-12:00,
      Friday between 13:00-17:00 & return on Monday between 09:00-12:00

    • Q10: How did the name B TURTLE actually come about?

      A10: The B in the name stands for Bike. The body of a turtle was the inspiration for the shape of the microcaravan.

    • Q11: I live in Switzerland, how can I order the B TURTLE?

      A11: Our online shop of course also allows orders from Switzerland. Please note that for deliveries to Switzerland additional customs duties are charged.

    • Q12: Can I transport the B TURTLE in my car?

      A12: In principle, the B TURTLE (trailer plus tent body) has enough space in the trunks of larger vehicles. Alternatively, the tent structure can be removed for easier transport. We would like to point out, however, that we can only give general information, thus not for specific vehicles. When transporting the B-turtles, please note the indicated packing size without drawbar.
      BT trailer with tent body without drawbar: length: 110 cm, width: 79 cm, height: 68-73 cm (height without tent: 58 cm)

    • Q13: Is it possible to transport the B TURTLE by train?

      A13: When travelling by train, there are country-specific differences, moreover the amount of luggage that can be carried depends on the type of train.
      In Austria and Germany, according to information from ÖBB and DB, it is possible to take your bike on regional trains in the large bicycle compartments (the compartments are usually located at the beginning or end of the trains).
      It is not allowed to take your bike on long-distance trains or express trains such as ICE's etc., as the B Turtle is not a foldable trailer.
      You will need two extra bike tickets (one for bike and one for trailer).
      On most trains, the door width should be wide enough to load the B Turtle with a width of 79 cm. Otherwise, the B Turtle can be lifted into the wagon with the help of a sideways position. Note: Older train models often have a door width of only 66 cm!
      We therefore strongly recommend that you conduct your own research or contact the respective railway company before you start your journey to avoid any surprises.

    • Q14: In case of damage - can the tubes of the tent and the lying platform be repaired independently?

      A14: The tent system has a "tube-in-tube system", similar to a bicycle tube. The protective sheathing is made of robust Double Ripstop PES material with the TPU tube inside.
      The inner tube can be pulled out through service openings, repaired with tape or replaced.
      If the lying platform is damaged, it can be glued with commercially available special adhesive and the repair patches supplied.
      Due to its robustness, however, damage is extremely unlikely.

    • Q15: Can I pull the B TURTLE with a bicycle without an electric motor?

      A15: Yes, of course this is also possible with normal bicycles. For sporty cyclists, flat routes, short distances or a few daily kilometres should not be a problem. But the travel pleasure is definitely increased by the use of an e-bike.