„A Chameleon!“, I shout. Thomas steps on the brake, as I cling to the wooden handle, which is mounted above the globe compartment. Normally the animals are so well camouflaged that we have no chance to discover them. But they seem to be so abundant that today it is already the second one that crosses the street wobbling slowly.

The world travellers Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn are traveling across the island nation of Madagascar with a Mazana II  of the local car brand Karenjy and the Roof top Tent GT ROOF. They report about their whole adventure in the EXPLORER Magazine. They keep us up to date regularly.

Encounters with Animals in Madagascar

"Chamaleons are by no means the only animals that force us to brake. We share the road with ox carts on which the extended family, the purchases of the week or entire living room furnishings are transported, as well as with goat and zebu herds that are on their way to pasture. There is hardly a village we pass in which a ruffled chicken doesn't panic back and forth in front of the Karenjy because it can't decide for one side or the other. Depending on the region, pigs, ducks, and wild dogs can also be seen. Often, we have even seen snakes. It is reassuring to know that there are no poisonous ones on the red island. We are more worried about the crocodiles, which are not supposed to be numerous, but which add a certain tension to every river crossing.

Lemur, on the hand, we have not yet met by chance. This despite the fact that Lemurs are native to the island. In order to see them, we had to walk for hours through the Ranomafana National Park and got amazingly close to them in the Nahampoana Reserve.

With their big, round eyes and their fluffy fur, the look like living cuddly toys. Skillfully, they jump meter-wide from branch to branch, operate fur-care on each other or annoy each other. We could sit in the grass and watch them for hours. The brave ones approach us, smell a banana in my handbag and are interested in the camera they pose for.

The marine world, on the other hand, we only encounter on the dining table: fish, lobsters, and all seafood decorate the menu. We would have also liked to have a look underwater, but unfortunately the stormy weather denied us a trip under the surface of the ocean.

Of course we couldn't help but tale a closer look at the chameleon before we carry it across the road and it disappears into the dry bushes."

Sabine & Thomas

You can learn more about Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn on their website Since their six-year joruney in the old timer Paula truck, with which they once circumnavigated the globe with, they have been reporting on their journeys through photo lectures in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In March 2019, after two years of work, they have also published the book ''Sechs Jahre Weltumrundung'', published by Piper/Malik Verlag.

©Photos and Text by Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn for publication. Many thanks for that!