GT Seal Tube: Windschutz

GentleTent proudly presents GT Seal Tube: Wind protection from the bottom for bus, van, caravan, trailer

Who isn’t familiar with this problem? It’s a wonderful, mild summer evening and you’re enjoying a glass of wine. The setting sun sets the sky aflame in colours of orange, red, and pink. The temperature drops noticeably while the twittering of the birds around you fades. How nice it would be to stay outside some more – if it weren’t for that unpleasant draught coming from underneath your car… the solution: the GT Seal Tube.


The smart solution for draught from below, dirt, and adventurous dogs

The GT Seal Tube product series offers for the first time a possibility to seal the bottom of the awning of your trailer, caravan or bus as protection against wind. The tube is placed under the vehicle and inflated, thereby tightly sealing its bottom.
You’ll be able to enjoy extended evenings outside, stargazing and drinking. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with pesky dust. The awning stays clean and comfortable while dirt and leaves are kept out.

The GT Seal Tube is also an effective barrier for adventurous dogs that keeps them from escaping the awning.


How does the windscreen for trailers, caravans and busses work?

The inconspicuous and affordable air tube, which is available in 4 different lengths (235cm/400cm/500cm/600cm), is placed under the vehicle and blown up. During inflation the tube adjusts itself to the bottom of the vehicle and thus seals up your mobile home from the bottom. It covers vehicles with a ride height of up to 42cm. We offer solutions for vehicles with a higher ride height as well.


What to consider during use of the GT Seal Tube

Use is easy and hassle-free. The only thing you have to look out for is making sure the exhaust pipe has had enough time to cool down a little and the tube isn’t blown up too much, to avoid it being damaged by sharp objects. It’s enough for the GT Seal Tube to be wedged in tightly enough to resist wind.

GT Seal Tube: Windschutz für die Fahrzeug Unterseite

GT Seal Tube: Windschutz für die Fahrzeug Unterseite

How long does it take to set up the windscreen?

The GT Seal Tube is easily set up via electric pump and takes 2 minutes at most. Tedious unfolding of covers and use of ground pegs around the vehicle are passé. With our GT Seal Tube irritating sounds from the wind rattling the covers are a thing of the past as well.


Goodbye groundsheets – Hello GT Seal Tube

Try the GT Seal Tube and become a fan of draught free camping. With our wind protection GentleTent offers an impeccably genius solution for a pesky problem and ensures more comfort in front of your trailer or the awning.
The GT Seal Tube is available in various lengths: 235cm, 400cm, 500cm and 600cm. Depending on model, the prices range from € 99.- to € 179.-.

More product details you find in our online-shop.

Would you like to see a GT Seal Tube live?

Check out our fair calendar or contact us to set up a date for a visit in our home office in Vienna.