The year 2018 is about to end and we can proudly draw the balance: we have managed to present three new products this year: (1): the GT Pick-up Tent, a combined living and sleeping cabin that can be used as a roof top tent for a double-cab pick-up. (2) the single version of our unique b-turtle B-Turtle Mono and (3) the GT Mattress, which stands out from similar products in this category due to its special air-mesh coating.

With these three new developments, we have even exceeded our goal of “at least one product innovation per year”. In addition, there is a whole series of new editions of products such as the GT Box, the GT Home Van and the GT Home 410.

The GentleTent & B-Turtle innovations of 2018 at a glance

GT Pick-up Tent: Living-/sleeping-cabin for double-cab pick-ups


Our GT Pick-up tent had its world premiere at the Caravan Salon 2018 in Düsseldorf. Our solution to transform the popular off-road vehicle into a combined living and sleeping cabin is unique when it comes to weight, packing size and price. We are proud to set new standards with the world’s first fully inflatable pick-up tent.

Sleep on the roof, live on the loading area

The 28kg light GT Pick-up tent is mounted on the roof rack of the double cabin with a pack size of 1×1 meter and an installation height of 18cm. If it is unpacked and inflated, a generous sleeping room for 2 persons on the car roof and a roofed living space on the loading area of the off-road vehicle is created. The living space has a room height of over 2 metres, so that even tall people can comfortably stand upright.

Mosquito and ventilation openings in combination with high-quality and breathable tent materials ensure an outstanding indoor climate. Cleverly integrated Velcro and loops, to which interior lighting or storage bags can be attached, help to organize the interior room.

The best is yet to come: The price!

Besides the GT Pick up´s exceptional pack size (1m x 1m x 18cm), the light weight (28kg) and the easy handling when mounting the tent, conventional living cabs are outshone bey the GT Pick-up with a price of €3.489.

B-Turtle Mono: Bike tailer with micro caravan for 1 person

B-Turtle Mono
B-Turtle Mono
B-Turtle Mono

The B-Turtle Mono was also first presented at the Caravan Salon 2018 in Düsseldorf. It is the special version of our B-Turtle bike trailer with inflatable microcaravan, but only for one instead of two persons. While the aluminium lightweight trailer and the shape of the tent remain unchanged, the width narrows. With 210cm x 80cm, the lying surface still offers enough space for all passionate cyclists and bikeaficionados who like to travel alone and do not want to do without any comfort while sleeping. Instead of the 29kg, the B-Turtle Mono weighs only 25kg and is also €200 cheaper.

Buy it, rent it or take a test ride

We have received numerous requests since the first presentation of our B-Turtles. Now we are happy to announce: besides of buying it, it has recently also become possible to rent the B-Turtle. Short trial tours or multi-day-tours around Vienna can be arranged on request. In addition, there are already fixed rental stations scattered all over Europe, which will make your Turtle adventure possible by next spring at the latest. For more information check: Rent a B-Turtle.

GT Mattress: Campingmattress with air-mesh cover


It appeared quietly: the GT Mattress, our comfortable camping mat with air-mesh cover. Its first presentation took place at the leading outdoor trade fair in Friedrichshafen. Besides the hustle and bustle around our roof top tent GT Roof, which received the Outdoor Industry Award there, its presentation got a little bit lost. The 2kg light GT Mattress with the dimensions 200cm x 65cm x 7cm is perfect as an add-on for our roof tents, for the B-Turtle variants, our camping tents or for sleeping in cars or camping vehicles. The washable cover consists of an air mesh fabric, which has excellent air circulation characteristics and prevents moisture absorption.

Behind the scenes, we are already working on the next product innovations that could change your travel and camping habits forever. Stay tuned!

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