Radfahrer auf E-Bike mit Anhänger

Thomas Weber and his wife Marlene are cycling enthusiasts through and through. They are strictly following the philosophy „One doesn´t stop riding the bike when he gets old, one gets old when he stops riding the bike“. Each year, they are doing an unbelievable amount of 4000-6000 km at the bicycle. While they were travelling with a camping tent in the previous years, they are now using the B-Turtle bike trailer.

„Making sleeping on the ground a thing of the past“ this was one reason for Thomas and Marlene Weber to go for the B-Turtle micro-caravan. We met Thomas Weber for an interview at the CMT in Stuttgart, where he shares his first experiences with us and tells us how travelling with the B-Turtle and e-bike looks like.

Thanks to his permission, we are allowed to make the full video available for you on YouTube. The hard facts are summed up below in written form.


The interview: B-Turtle adventure through the Allgäu | Test Report


Interview | Hard Facts


Names of the bike-travelers: Thomas und Marlene

Motivation for the B-Turtle adventure: To get to know the world from the saddle of the bike. No more need to sleep on the ground. To have a canopy that prevents from going straight outside when leaving the tent.

Tour experience: Multi-day tours through the Allgäu with the B-Turtle. Tours through Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Norway and South Africa with the camping tent in the previous 15 years, about 4000 – 6000 km each year.

Terrain & road conditions: Mostly bike lanes,  hard road and gravel paths, peaceful side-streets, long-distance cycle routes

ø  km/day: 70-100 km (depending on where the campsite is located)

Where did they sleep? On the campsite

Which bikes were used?

  • 1x E-Bike Riese Müller Changer GX with Dual Battery (2x 500 kWh Akkus), Belt-drive and 14-speed roll-off shift Rohloff
  • 1x E-Bike Velo de Ville CEB 800 Premium with Bosch Performance CX with Dual Battery
  • 1x B-Turtle
  • 1x BOB YAK Trailer

The whole equipment was transported in 4 Back-Roller, 2 Front-Roller, in two small boxes on the luggage racks and in the two trailers. While the personal equipment was put on the e-bikes,  bulky and voluminous luggage is transported in the two bike trailers.


  • On the Riese Müller E-Bike: 2 Backroller und 2 Frontroller with personal luggage, such as shoes, cooker, spare parts, tools, rain gear, washing gear as well as a small box fixed on the luggage rack with snacks and food for on the road
  • On the Velo de Ville E-Bike: 2 Backroller and a small box fixed on the luggage rack for rainwear
  • On the BOB Yak Trailer: Sleeping bag, blanket, first aid kit, shoes, cables, adapter, etc.
  • In the B-Turtle trailer: rubber hammer, tent nails, clothes line, 230V compressor, sleeping mattresses, sleeping bags, 2x chairs, 1x table, water

Estimated total weight: About 50 kg

Experience with the e-bike (battery): The range with the B-Turtle is by estimation about 10 -15% lower than without.

Going uphill: If there are enough small gears, going uphill is not a problem at all. When travelling with a 7 speed hub gear, going up steep slopes could be challenging, though.

Driving experience while “turteling”: The B-Turtle doesn´t affect the driving process.

B-Turtle set-up: a 230V compressor is used

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Pictures are provided by ©Thomas Weber