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GentleTent products are specially known for their unique and particular air constructions. These constructions are the reason for the exclusive look and comfortable form of the inflatable camping tents, awnings, the roof top tent and the micro caravan B-Turtle. This means: no sloping edges or any other annoying poles or tubes. The special constructions form an extra room high, which impart the GT products their extraordinary room climate. All tent constructions relay on a two-layer chamber system, while for the air platforms drop stitch material is used.

Questions like “When is enough air inside the tubes?” or “How much should I pump up the drop-stitch mattress?” or “What a relief valve on GT products is there for” are going to be answered.


What to know about the air pressure of GentleTent products


The air pressure of GentleTent tent constructions


The tube system of the inflatable camping tents or awnings, or as well as the tent constructions of the roof tent or the B-Turtle, have a diameter from about 14cm. The tube system has two-layers: On the outside it’s covered by tear-resistant Cordura material, while on the inside are tubes out of UV-resistant TPU.

Due to the big cross section of the tubes a low air pressure is needed. Depending on the product an air pressure between 0,2 to 0,3 bar (2,9 to 4,3 PSI) is required.  

The GT products have two valves and a relief valve or no relief valve. A relief valve protects the air chambers, if there’s too much air pressure. For example if the volume changes, the relief valve would leak air out automatically.

Volume changes appear because of temperature fluctuation. If there are big temperature fluctuations between day and night air pressure can decrease that much, that sometimes after sunset you may have to refill some air. On the other hand, if there is strong sunshine during the day air pressure rises. But, this problem handles the relief valve. If there exists no relief valve, release air yourself.

If there is just a low temperature fluctuation in the summer there is no air refilling needed. To guarantee the ideal pressure it’s recommended to build up the tent during the hottest time of the day.


How do I know if there is enough air inside the tube system?

Because there are only 0,2 to 0,3 bar necessary the air pressure can be checked by hand. If the tube feels firm and hard you can stop air filling.


The air pressure of the GentleTent drop stitch mattress


The air pressure of the GentleTent drop stitch mattress, which is used by the roof top tent GT Roof or the B-Turtle, is higher than it is at the GentleTent tent constructions. To guarantee the required stability the air pressure should be between 0,6 and 0,8 bar (8,7 to 11,6 PSI).


How do I know if there is enough air inside the drop stitch mattress?

The best case is to control the air pressure with a display on the pump. To control air pressure by hand the drop stitch mattress should feel very firm and tight. If you press strongly with your tumb against the mattress it should yield just a few millimeters.